Team Sweden, Prague 2019

New Nordic record during TIMBERSPORTS® Team World Championship

The goal to be the best team in Europe was hard to reach for the Swedish national team during tonight’s STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Team World Championship, as the Swedes took a seventh place but left with a new Nordic record. The national team consisting of Ferry Svan, Emil Hansson, Cakke Svadling, Johannes Eriksson and Pontus Skye adjusted the record with over three seconds. 

When the Swedish national team left for the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Team World Championship in Prague, the goal was to place as the best European team. The championship did not start as planned and the goal was far away. In the eight final the British team was beat by the Swedes, but the hunt for a strong placement was at an end as the favorites from New Zealand beat Sweden in the quarter finals. A seventh place and third best in Europe.
“There are other teams in Europe that puts in hard workd. They are good, but we will be back,” says Ferry Svan.

New Nordic record
Despite the loss against New Zealand, the Swedish team was able to put in a strong performance and could hold their head high as walking off the stage. After a great performance they beat the Nordic record and the new best time was set just over the minute, 1.00,35, an improvement with over three seconds.
“I am very happy over our team’s effort and that we are able to quit on top while competing head-to-head against New Zealand, we couldn’t have performed any better,” says Calle Svadling.

Australia Team World Champions - again
The evening was a battle against the great nations USA, New Zealand and Australia. All seemed strong and hungry for the title. In the final heat, Australia and New Zealand fought for gold. It was an even battle between the great nations, who both are among the favorites in both the Team and Individual World Championship, and the team’s with the most wins. After a baffling final Australia was yet again world champions, keeping the title after the win in Liverpool in 2018.

Ferry Svan competes in the Individual World Championship
Tomorrow, the world’s top twelve athletes will battle it out for the individual world championship title. Ferry Svan from Sweden, will represent his country for the first time in his career in the individual championship.
“I am in great shape and have perfomed well in each heat tonight, so I am excited to see what tomorrow will bring and to prove myself,” says Ferry Svan. 

Result STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Team World Championship 2019
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. USA
4. Poland
5. Czech Republic
6. Canada
7. Sweden
8. Germany
9. Switzerland
10. Austria
14. Norway

Date and time STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship 2019
Saturday November 2: Individiual World Championship, start 19.00.

History STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship

Year Host Team World Champion Individual World Champion
2019 Prague, CZE Australia Brayden Meyer, AUS
2018 Liverpool, GB Australia Laurence O'Toole, AUS
2017 Lillehammer, NOR New Zealand Jason Wynyard, NZL
2016 Stuttgart, GER Australia Jason Wynyard, NZL
2015 Poznan, POL Australia Jason Wynyard, NZL
2014 Innsbruck, AUT Australia Jason Wynyard, NZL
2013 Stuttgart, GER New Zealand Brad de Losa, AUS