n the Rookie class, Denmark's Bo Andersen triumphed.

Spectacular Performances and Records Set at 2024 TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Cup

The second leg of the 2024 TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Cup held on June 26-27 in Västerås, Sweden, concluded with remarkable achievements across all categories. Athletes from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark showcased their skills, setting new records and achieving season bests amidst fierce competition.

Swedish Dominance in Pro Class
Swedish athletes shone brightly, clinching the top three positions in the professional category. Emil Hansson led the pack, winning first place for the second consecutive event, demonstrating stellar performances in Underhand Chop and Single Buck. Pontus Skye and Ferry Svan captured second and third places respectively, with Svan setting a Nordic record in Single Buck.

Danish gold in the Rookie class
In the Rookie class, Denmark's Bo Andersen triumphed, securing the gold and setting a Danish Rookie record in Single Buck. He was closely followed by Swedish competitors Adam Bjöns and Johan Staf. In the Women's category, visiting German competitor Alrun Uebing took the gold, with Sweden’s Tove Njåstad and Denmark’s Felixia Banck finishing in silver and bronze positions.

Upcoming Events and Expectations
The focus now shifts to the Nordic Championships scheduled for July 19-20 in Malung, Sweden, anticipated to be the highlight of the season. Following the championships, the final leg of the Nordic Cup will take place on August 9-10 in Elverum, Norway, where the overall winners of the series will be decided.

Schedule for the Nordic Cup 2024:
- June 1-2: the first part of Nordic Cup is held in Grästorp, Sweden. 

- June 26-27: Nordic Cup continues in Västerås, Sweden.

- August 9-10: the final leg of Nordic Cup is held in Elverum, Norway.