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How do I get into TIMBERSPORTS®?

TIMBERSPORTS® is an international and action-packed extreme sport. In order to train and compete in TIMBERSPORTS®, you must have completed the training courses provided by STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®. 

TIMBERSPORTS® trainingcamps are divided into beginner’s camp and continuation camp. Both the beginner’s camp and the continuation camp are held at our training hall in Orsa, Sweden. Below you will find the currently scheduled sessions.

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Beginner’s camp, Orsa. 5–6 November
From 5–6 November, TIMBERSPORTS® is hosting the second beginner’s camp of the year in Orsa, Sweden. The camp is a perfect opportunity for those who want to start training or competing in TIMBERSPORTS®, and who are curious about trying an exciting, challenging, and social form of training.

The camp provides a thorough review of the sport, and you will learn how to practice and train safely within the different disciplines. No previous experience is required, all training and practice is guided by the TIMBERSPORTS® organisation and current professional athletes. The age limit for the beginner’s camp is 16 years (14 years in exceptional cases).

From 4,600 SEK, including training, equipment, wood, accommodation, and meals. All travel to and from the training camp is paid for by the participants themselves.

Questions and registration are sent to

Deadline for registration is 15 October.

TIMBERSPORTS® also hosts a continuation camp
After the beginner’s camp, you have the chance to continue training TIMBERSPORTS® at our continuation camp. TIMBERSPORTS® will cover the full cost of the continuation camp if you have previously attended a beginner’s camp.

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Date Event  Place
May 20-22 PRO camp Orsa, SWE
May 21-22 Show Svenljunga, SWE
May 27 International Women Cup Vienna, AUT
May 27 Rookie World Championship Vienna, AUT
May 28 World Trophy Vienna, AUT
June 3 Nordic Cup Elmia Wood, SWE
June 4 Nordic Trophy Elmia Wood, SWE
July 3 European Trophy Schirrhein, FRA
July 3 French Rookie Championship Schirrhein, FRA
July 16-17 Nordic Cup Hamar, NOR
Aug 6-7 Nordic Cup Orsa, SWE
Aug 27-28 Nordic Championship Stenkullen, SWE
Sep 11 European Nations Cup Weiach, SUI
Oct 28 Team World Championship 2022 Gothenburg, SWE
Oct 29 Individual World Championship 2022 Gothenburg, SWE
Nov 5-6 Beginner's camp Orsa, SWE